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Comic books and original art for sale.

First of all, I'm not a dealer. I'm a collector just like you, but sometimes I upgrade my comics or have multiple copies of a certain books. Or, I need to finance a big purchase and then (reluctantly) sell part of my collection.


If you are interested in something or want more info, feel free to contact me :


if you want to know the prices in dollar ...this is the website I use :


Alas my scanner died so for the meantime I'm using my phone for pics. If you want more, just ask.


Amazing Spider-man #28


1st Molten Man(1965)


Original Comic Art


Salvador Larroca

Fantastic Four V3 28 p22



Wally Wood Astonishing Tales #2 Story Pa
ff 312 p20 Pollard and Sinnott.jpg

Dave Gibbons Watchmen 11 page 2

Very dramatic page featuring Ozymandias, Rorschach and Nite-Owl


Wally Wood - Astonishing Tales #2 P8

Perfect marriage between Marvel and EC. Wood shines through as one of the world's best illustrators while still managing to fit within the "Marvel Method".  - 1970


Keith Pollard Fantastic Four 312 p20

With the help of inker Joe Sinnott, artist Keith Pollard came pretty close to the classic "Kirby - look". Page has a typical top miscut which doesnt reach the art. Really like the Huge techno-room and the "Kirby dots" on this page


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